I have been both a student and Yoga Therapy client of Meg’s for over two years. While dealing with a chronic pain issue, Meg tailored a practice that helped me manage the pain while healing and strengthening my body. She is kind, friendly, excellent at listening, and very intuitive when it comes to both your physical and emotional well-being. If you are interested in transitioning your practice from the studio to home, Meg is the perfect guide. Meg, thank you again for such a wonderful session(s). My shoulders feel so warm and glowing - almost like I’m feeling them for the first time! Beyond the physiological benefits, I feel after our sessions, I feel grateful, full of love, and truly cared for. It’s carrying over into my life when I come home. I feel like my capacity for joy and love is increased after our sessions. Thank you so, so much
— Jeff H.., Yoga Therapy Client

Kind Words

When I contacted you to start private yoga sessions I was experiencing a lot of difficulties with my work. I represent victims of physical and sexual abuse and have what the experts call “vicarious trauma”. Your yoga sessions have brought me incredible comfort in dealing with this issue. You are an incredible yoga therapist not just for people with physical ailments but also for those of us dealing with ailments of the mind.

— Alice d.

I met Meg about a year ago and was immediately drawn to her vibrant energy and kind soul. She is such an example of what it is to be living the Yoga practice. I started working with her one on one in recent months and feel better than I have in a really long time. She has encouraged me to arrive in my practice with a deep sense of kindness and ease while also staying committed to it everyday. Her knowledge in Yoga Therapy blows me away. I look forward to continuing working with Meg as my Yoga Therapist. The best part about it is that she is just a guiding voice in helping me learn to listen to my own body first.

— Martha d.

What I loved about her approach was it was not just directly related to the pain issue, she spoke with me about my life, work and relationship stresses, family issues, things that I may or may not have realized I was holding on to and were contributing to the pain and helped me find ways to deal with those things, through yoga, through mediation and breath. I am still practicing what she taught me and I hold on to the conversations we had and revisit them often.

— Kim k.

Being new to yoga, I tried a private class with Meg two years ago, and I was hooked! Taking one of Meg’s private classes is food for the body, mind and soul. I am a healthier and happier person since practicing regularly with Meg. Her classes are calming, balanced and tailored to what her students’ needs are and she really knows her stuff. Meg knows yoga like a dentist knows teeth. I would recommend her to anybody with full confidence that she will change your life like she has changed mine!

— Katie B.


I am grateful for the adaptability of the Yoga Therapy sessions and practice. ‘Pushing through’ does not seem to be the top priority, and that has helped me to relax and follow a more internal responsiveness. There are still, of course, changes that I’d like to make; but the gentle, patient, understanding approach I’ve been invited to embrace makes the process itself less self-combative. I must say that Meg’s embodiment of that approach is at least as significant as her wording of it. Having a living example of what it might look like and how one might go about it surely sinks in more deeply than words.

— thomas r.

Meg is all about heart, and she makes you feel heard. She offers valuable support, guidance and intelligence to address the roots of the issues. You leave with a feeling that positive change is possible. I am grateful that there are people like Meg in the helping profession. A bonus, listening to her guided meditations every day: That voice is a voice I will happily wake up to. Thank you Meg!

— Chantal W.

One of the things I appreciated was that Meg was open to be flexible with her recommendations. I have an extremely busy and demanding life, as do most of us, and I was honest that I was unable to complete some of the recommendations. We were able to tweak the recommendations and make them attainable.

— Tamara C.

Finally I found a modality that is helping me to limber up so that I can get into my yoga asanas and meditate with more comfort. Meg's knowledge is applied to one's specific situation as she is a great listener and explains clearly. The diagrams she gives are simple but give the details needed to perfect your home practice. Her level of positive energy and pure joy add so much to my healing journey.

— lawrence D.c.

Thank you so much for sharing your experience, I truly appreciate it.

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