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Private Therapeutic Services starting at $100/hour + hst.

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Yoga Therapy

$100/hour — I will teach you the practice so you are set up for success when you practice on your own at home. Your Initial Consultation, Assessment & Session is typically 90 minutes ($150) and Follow-up Sessions are 60 minutes ($100). Please respect our 24 hour cancellation policy or full fees may apply.

Special Introductory Offer for New Students: 3 Private Classes for $300
Session #1 - consultation & first practice (1.5 hrs)
Session #2 - 1 hr follow-up session
Session #3 - 1 hr follow-up session

* All 3 sessions must be scheduled within 6 months of starting and will not be carried over beyond 6 months

Private Yoga

$100 — Private sessions can include posture workshops, themed classes, modifications, learning the pranayama (breathing) practices, and how to take care of your body in a public group asana class.

Mindfulness Meditation

$100/hour— I will teach you about the four foundations of mindfulness and break it down into sixteen practices, guide you in forming a home practice and designate a home practice space.


Variable hourly rate — I will take on 2x teachers or therapists in training per year to mentor, offer feedback, take your class, review class sequences and yoga therapy routines and diagrams in exchange for either a negotiated hourly rate or a percentage of your earnings.

Sliding Scale

Personal: $/hour — I will take on 2x sliding scale students/clients per month, asking you to sit and meditate before every session with the question “what can I afford to pay, no more and no less” with the consideration of the value this therapy is bringing to your life, the value of my time and yours, and the money, energy and time I have put into 2,500+ hours of yoga, pilates, anatomy, therapeutics, and psychotherapy training.

Business: — corporate sliding scale not available.