benefits of meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is both a study and a practice, drawn from two ancient truths, Satipatthana Sutra and Anapanasati Sutra. The Satipatthana Sutra outlines the Buddha's discourse on the four foundations of mindfulness. It is a syllabus for deep investigation that engages witness consciousnessthe body, the feelings, the mind and the true nature of these formations. The Anapanasati Sutra is a system taught by the Buddha using mindfulness with conscious breathing helping to develop serenity and insight. This is a natural progression of the sixteen contemplations (Satipatthana) that fully explore the mind-body process and connection.

Our work together will focus on developing a formal seated meditation practice and will cultivate the mindfulness philosophy throughout your daily actions.

I offer these teachings privately, semi-privately, to small groups and to families.

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