"Avidya" the greatest source of human suffering and how to work with it to live an contentedly and appreciatively



Thank you Michael, so well put. I'd like to share some thoughts that came up for me after reading this.

The Yoga Sutra speaks to the five primary causes of suffering, #avidya is perhaps the most impactful of the five. It means wrong understanding, or not seeing clearly. It's a foggyness that comes in through the sense perceptions/ sense organs (seeing, hearing, touching; eyes, ears, hands) and is then filtered by the biased, subjective mind.

If one practices (mindfulness/meditation), one may sit quietly long enough and regularly enough to begin to clearly see these mentations (witness consciousness) and thanks to neuro-plasticity, science is now backing what yogis and eastern contemplative practices have known for centuries: that thought patterns are malleable and with heightened self-awareness we may both effort-fully and organically shift things to a healthier, less victimized/personalized mental/emotional place.

It is my humble opinion that the most stable and grounded manifestation of happiness is in fact appreciative contentment.

This is the theory, and now the practical: find gratitude every day, sit quietly or take long walks on your own- make friends with yourself, Love yourself kindly, have self-compassion and live Life to the fullest. Embrace your introverted side, look outside and make eye contact.  Empower your sense of choice and breathe deeply as often as possible.

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