New Website Photoshoot

I'm feeling moved and grateful to my dear friend and talented photographer, Greg Pacek ( for the two shoots and hours he has spent on this project so far (we are not done!).  We are working together through a barter agreement: exchanging photographic service for Yoga Therapy) and I couldn't feel more blessed for the opportunity to work with this talented and kind individual.

Creating a website, learning guerilla marketing techniques, self-promoting... this is a whole new world to me; there are challenges but also a sense of curiosity mixed with self-compassion, and a practice of being mindful of the frustrations and confusions that go hand in hand with learning something new.

At the end of the day the opportunity to serve others by offering holistic healing is all the incentive I need. And, I'm noticing how great it feels to accomplish something, to see a project come together that is way outside of my comfort zone and skill set

I encourage you to push boundaries and to seek support and offer yourself in some way through barter; to exchange your energy with another is rewarding in and of itself and to identify your incentive to put yourself out there and do what you Love makes it all the better.