The Pancha Maya Kosha Model: Yoga Therapy and the Five Koshas

I received this thank you note today which warmed my heart.

"Hi Meg-

What a treat to have you guiding me for over 2 hours today. I must be doing something right; lucky guy!

I always feel such appreciation and gratitude towards you after our sessions. I know I've said it, but I feel so cared for by you, and it just makes me feel so good, deep down near that little bliss dot you showed me today.

Thank you."

Thank you for sharing Jeff! I'm so grateful when students and clients share their experience and gratitude with me. I feel so so privileged to be able to serve in this way.

That little bliss spot Jeff is referring to is is 'ananda maya kosha' from the Panca Maya Kosha Model... Read on to learn why yoga is a holistic healing model.