Meg Walsh, BFA,

Certified Yoga Therapist & Ayurvedic Practitioner

I began my journey with yoga as a teen, practicing classic hatha at a studio in downtown Toronto. I continued my practice recreationally, leading to my exploratory thesis in bio-ethics in my final year at OCAD University. I came to notice the strain and tension this work created on my body, as well as my emotions and mental faculties. Gradually I began to regard my practice as a form of self-therapy, a practice that truly got me through these challenges.

My philosophy is simple; I’m committed to serving all who wish to benefit from yoga by respecting and meeting the needs of the individual regardless of physical capability, health, gender, age, culture, religious beliefs, experience or financial means.

My practice has brought healing and wellness into my life, and I have been inspired to share the healing benefits of yoga with others through teaching and working therapeutically. 

I completed my first 500-hour teacher training in British Columbia in 2011, and it has been my privilege to continue to train and learn, successfully completing over 2,500 hours of training through various programs. These programs have included teaching many yoga-asana styles (classic hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative, pre/postnatal, and yin), Yoga Therapy, Ayurveda, the Yoga Sutras, Yogic and Buddhist philosophy, Mindfulness Meditation, and NVC (non-violent communication). While teaching or working therapeutically, I emphasize breath awareness, pure movement, and stillness to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My focus is to create a safe space for students of yoga to deepen their self-awareness, facilitating healthier choices, acceptance and healing. To teach techniques on how to quiet the inner chatter of the mind and be present with what is, heightening present-moment-awareness which I’ve learned fosters joy and contentment in more moments of everyday life. I believe that many of the challenges we face in our busy lives can worked with and even overcome by developing a more refined sense of awareness and by cultivating a practice of relaxation.  After all, science is now proving this physiologically, bio-chemically and neurologically.

Studying and teaching yoga is my life’s passion. I am grateful for the opportunity to guide others in the powerful healing benefits of practicing yoga, both on and off their mats. 

Curriculum Vitae

Education & Certification

Bachelor of Fine Arts |OCAD University        major in Drawing & Painting; minor in English Literature, Toronto, 2010

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy | The Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, Part time program, Toronto, current student, graduating in 2025.

Yoga Therapy Training | with Felicia and Ante Pavlovic, 700+ hr, Yoga Therapy Toronto; Toronto,  2014

Mindfulness Yoga Teacher Training | with Reverend Poep Sa Frank Jude Boccio, 350-hr; B.C.,  2012

Ayurveda-Yoga Therapist Training | with Dr. Ismat Nathani of C.A.I.S.H. + Vedaraya Institute, 250-hr; Toronto,  2012

Gestalt Therapy Skills Training | with Moira Canes and Brent Mitten, The Transpersonal Therapy Centre, Toronto, 2011-2013

Noteworthy Trainings

Kinesiology of Yoga & Therapeutic Yoga | with Susi Hately, 50.75-hr Intensive, Moksha Yoga Uptown; Toronto, ON.; fall 2014

I Love Anatomy | with Susi Hately, 100-hr intensive, online; winter 2015

Ayurveda, Yoga + Meditation: An Integrative Approachwith Prasad Rangnekar, 80-hr intensive; Toronto, ON.; winter 2011

Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Mark Laham + Louise Sattler, 30-hr intensive, Rama Lotus Yoga; Ottawa, ON.; spring 2012

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training | with Matthew Remski + Pat Harada Linfoot, 30-hr intensive; Octopus Garden Holistic Yoga Centre; Toronto, ON.; spring 2012

Pre/post-Natal Teacher Training | with Monica Voss, 18-hr intensive, Esther Myers Yoga Studio; Toronto, ON.; winter 2013

Street Yoga Teacher Training | with Mark Lilly, 14-hr intensive, The Yoga Sanctuary; Toronto, ON.; winter 2012

Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training | with Seane Corn, 25-hr intensive, 889  Yoga Studio; Toronto, ON.; fall 2013

Moksha Yoga Flow Training | with Dr. Dina Tsouluhas, 50-hr intensive, Moksha Yoga Downtown; Toronto, On., 2015

Moksha Yoga Teacher Training | with Ted Grand + Jessica Robertson, 500-hr; Victoria, B.C.; spring 2011

Workshops & Seminars

Maturing Meditation Practice: Posture, Psychology & Commitment with Shôken Michael Stone, Toronto, July 2010

Pranayama: Yoga Breathing In-Depth with Shôken Michael Stone + Grant Hutchinson, Toronto, fall 2011

Beyond the ABC’s- the Relationships of Anatomy, Bio-mechanics and Cuing with Susi Hately, Toronto, fall 2012

What We Say Matters: the Practice of Non-Violent Communication with Dr. Judith Hanson Lasater, Toronto, fall 2012

Aligning with Freedom with Aaron Slade + Josie Houpt, Toronto, fall 2011

Preventing + Healing Injuries Through Yoga with Leslie Kaminoff, Toronto, spring 2011

The Anatomy of Support and Gait with Leslie Kaminoff, Toronto, spring 2011

Sequencing for Everyone with Rodney Yee + Colleen Saidman Yee, Toronto, spring 2011

Prana Flow: Vinyasa to Evolve and Transform with Maria Garre, Toronto, spring 2011

I Am My Own Anatomy Book with Dr. Blake Martin, Toronto, spring 2011

Everyday Miracles with Seane Corn, Toronto, spring 2011

Where the Pain Is, Is Not The Problem with Susi Hately, Toronto, spring 2011

Anusara Yoga – Weaving of Asana and Philosophy with Martin Kirk, Toronto, spring 2011

Bowing In Gratitude with Dr. Kelly McGonigal, Toronto, April 2011

What I loved about her approach was it was not just directly related to the pain issue, she spoke with me about my life, work and relationship stresses, family issues, things that I may or may not have realized I was holding on to and were contributing to the pain and helped me find ways to deal with those things, through yoga, through mediation and breath. I am still practicing what she taught me and I hold on to the conversations we had and revisit them often.
— Kim, Yoga Therapy client

Service to Community ~ karma yoga

Therapeutic Yoga - Diabetes at Four Villages Community Health Centre

Therapeutic Yoga - Cerebral Palsy at March of Dimes

Therapeutic Yoga at Withdrawal Management Services, St Joseph’s Health Centre

Hatha Yoga at the Yoga Beat (regent park, PWYC)

Centre of Gravity (monthly support)

Doctor’s Without Borders (monthly support)

Because I’m A Girl (monthly support)

GREENPEACE (monthly support)

World Wildlife Fund (monthly support)

Canadian Feed the Children (child sponsor)

Teddies 4 Kiddies (knitter 2008 - present; )

Canadian Blood Services (blood donor)

Future Possibilities for Kids (kid coach) 

The Student School's Women's Shelter Art Auction (annual painting donation: 2004 - 2014)

WHODUNIT? OCAD Mystery Art Sale (annual painting donation, 2006 - present)